Safe Playground Equipment: Outdoor Play For Development

children's playground equipment

03 Feb Safe Playground Equipment: Outdoor Play For Development

Working within the metal framework industry, we create a myriad of different products for our clients. As you can see from our website, this can range from metal gates and railings to steel staircases and different types of structural steelwork. We pride ourselves on providing a fast, reliable service with a suite of products we know are guaranteed to meet the brief, and provide a durable and functional service for years to come.

Children’s Playground equipment requires a rudimentary understanding of child development

One of the items we are currently working with, and something we also take great pride in, is children’s playground equipment. We work hard to create products which are fit for purpose and safe to use. We’ve made it our business to understand the importance of outdoor play activities for children so we never cut corners or skimp on quality materials.

Outdoor playground equipment has great benefits for children. Being outdoors for its own sake offers a great deal of sensory experience, however, the equipment itself can help to develop important skills by taking part in some fun activities.

Plenty of room to run around and improve their communication skills

Children have plenty of room to run around, jump, hop and skip and to explore their environment. Their development is enhanced greatly if there’s plenty of equipment for them to play on. Children can not only pick up new verbal skills, but improve on communication. What’s also important for them is to improve their fine motor skills, and playing outside is the perfect environment in which to do this.

Another factor worth considering is the rise in child obesity in recent years, making it even more important for children to get outside and play. Burning calories, energy and having fun with other children is not only good for keeping their bodies healthy, but for warding off depression, a factor often ignored in children.

children's playground equipment

Let children develop at their own pace

A playground offers an environment where children can develop their skills at their own pace with plenty of opportunities for cognitive development. A well-thought out playground which has been designed for children should have all this in mind, with opportunities for children to learn and have fun.

Creative play in a safe, fun environment

At Blackburn and Co we like to create an abundance of useful children’s playground equipment such as slides, swings, seesaws and roundabouts, and we try to think carefully about how useful, safe and functional each item is with the child in mind, making sure that they give ample opportunity for creative play with no chance of misuse. We create school playground equipment and also for local authorities, so there’s always emphasis on creating something that’s no-prescriptive and encourages imaginative play.

What makes a good playground?

As well as the factors mentioned above, we consider good children’s playground equipment to offer a wide range of play opportunities. Children should feel confident amongst themselves in small groups, so we like to create something which opens up opportunities for great communication without designing a massive structure that will be less appealing. We create equipment which provides for different playing styles, where there’s opportunity for adrenaline seeking physically actives games, and which also allows for imaginative and creative role play.

If you’d like to find out about our playground equipment, then please get in touch with us here at Blackburn and Co. If you work with school bursars, or if you’d like us to communicate with your purchasers at the school, or the heads, we’re happy to do so. We have a friendly and professional team who will be happy to go through the finer details with you.

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