What Are The Advantages of Metal Railings?

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06 Mar What Are The Advantages of Metal Railings?

The many decorative and practical uses for metal railings in the UK makes them a popular choice when it comes to the design of homes, businesses and public spaces. Metal railings in the UK historically epitomise wealth and style and their inclusion adds a certain sophistication to any project, but there are other equally important reasons why they should be your first choice.

Metal railings are durable

Most railings are subject to wear from use and the weather. Whilst wooden railings will require regular replacement every 10 – 15 years, they’re long lasting and, with the correct maintenance, may even outlast your property.

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Metal railings are secure

For many people, the inclusion of railings in a design is a matter of safety as well as aesthetics. For example, in order to prevent accidents, metal railings should be included in a design for steps or stairs; by far the strongest and safest choice. You also might want to include metal fences in your design to deter intruders and keep those inside safe; these would be a far more secure choice than any wooden alternative.

Metal railings are easy to repair

With some simple welding and painting work a metal handrail that needs repair is easy to fix. The fact that you are able to mend your railings means that they last longer, and they will cost you less in the long run. As well as this, including a product that can be repaired will reduce the environmental impact of your project.

Metal railings allow for intricate design

If a project demands more subtle or elaborate design features in the railings then they are the perfect choice as they can be shaped and cut into intricate patterns without losing strength in the way that wooden railings might do. Metal fences also allow for the inclusion of bespoke panels, which can represent realistic images or patterns.

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Metal railings are very customisable

Never has the choice of material or design possibilities of railings been greater. Metal railings take colour easily and can be shaped to your specifications with minimal cost implications. With the right skill and expertise they can be original in shape, colour and texture and will accessorise your property perfectly, allowing it to be pleasing to the eye and stand out from the crowd.

Metal railings are beautiful

We all want to see beauty as well as functionality in our design work. They will add a touch of class to your property. Your choice of railings will have big implications on the success of your project design. Get this crucial step wrong and even the most stunning of projects will look ordinary. There is a great tradition of metal railings in the UK and their use will add stature and solidity to any building or garden design.

As with all design, the function of railings should come before their form, but this is not to say that form should be neglected. Be it safety, boundary marking or pure aesthetics, your railings should fulfill the purpose for which they were designed, whilst adding an edge of superiority and gravitas to your project. Metal railings will achieve all of these aims as well as being resilient enough to stand the test of time.


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