Steel Gates vs Wrought Iron Gates

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18 Aug Steel Gates vs Wrought Iron Gates

Essentially the differences between iron and steel gates are simple. Those made from iron are using what is essentially a raw element, while steel is an alloy made from both iron and carbon. How do they differ in terms of workmanship and daily wear and tear? Sometimes, it’s quite difficult to determine which one is which. The words steel and iron are used so often and so interchangeably that it’s hard to work out the differences.

Basically, as we’ve already seen, iron is a raw element that is harvested from the earth, but steel is a product that’s manufactured. When buying iron or steel gates, you need to read the small print and make sure you’re getting exactly what it says on the label. In our post this week, we’re going to be talking about steel vs wrought iron gates and which one you should go with.

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought iron can be expensive, it’s not commercially produced anymore, so it has to be specially made, usually by a professional metal fabricator. It’s also vulnerable to salt, so if you’re near the sea, you could see structural damage over time. Wrought iron is difficult to replace as iron substitutes won’t always match the broken parts of the gate.

Steel Gates

Steel is what the majority of gates are made from now, usually for large buildings and domestic properties. The quality of steel gates depends on the manufacturer, and fencing may be made of steel alone with no iron components, it’s also cheaper to make. Most steel is made of iron and carbon, and the quality of your steel gates will largely depend on how good the manufacturers are at fabrication.

Famous buildings made from structural steel work

If you’re still unconvinced of the reliability, beauty and durability of structured steel, then perhaps we can cite some famous buildings to you which have been made from this metal and stood the test of time. The Eiffel Tower, Brooklyn Bridge, The Burj Khalifa, Willis Tower have all been made from structured steel, the design flexibility and endurance of this metal means that buildings can be imaginatively created and made to last.

Experts in structural steel fabrication

For those of you not in the know, metal fabrication is the process of bending the metal to shape by cutting and assembling processes. This is something we excel in here at Blackburn & Co, which means that if you do order from us, you’re guaranteed quality workmanship and products which are both durable and functional.

Close attention to the detail and 20 years’ worth of skill, expertise and knowledge

All our steel gates are beautifully made and we pay close attention to the detail. Your gates are well crafted bespoke, one-off items which you can rely on. We have over 20 years’ experience, which means we have the skill, expertise and knowledge to create beautiful work.

Our metal fabrication services are first class for quality and workmanship, so if you’re looking to buy gates made from structured steel, then get in touch with us here at Blackburn & Co, experts in metal fabrication processes.

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