7 Reasons why Wrought Iron for Staircases, Balustrades and Railings is the Best Option for Your Home

wrought iron staircases

21 Nov 7 Reasons why Wrought Iron for Staircases, Balustrades and Railings is the Best Option for Your Home

Our homes are a reflection of our personalities, our tastes and our values. When we design our homes we like to put our own stamp on them and add touches that make them uniquely ours. One stylish way to do this which will also add to the desirability of your home is to commission wrought iron staircases, iron balustrades, intricate metal stair spindles, spiral staircases and so on. From traditional to modern design, wrought iron metal staircases can add significantly to your property’s aesthetic appeal and add an air of charm to your home. For example, iron railings are a particularly tactile option and can be crafted to either fit in or contrast with other design features. Running your hand down iron handrails gives you a feeling of solidity and tradition, which will increase with age.

Below we have 7 reasons why using wrought iron for staircases, balustrades and railings makes sense.

1. Wrought iron staircases look great

You might struggle to find a material more elegant than wrought iron for your metal staircase. If you have ever stood and stared at the Eiffel Tower, which is made from a form of wrought iron, you will understand what we mean. Wrought iron railings give the opportunity to bring this type of elegance into your home. Iron railings first grew to popularity in the late 1800’s and have retained their status since then. They catch the eye and add a hint of luxury to the most simple of homes. If you are out to impress your visitors, you should definitely choose wrought iron staircases.

metal staircase

2. Wrought iron staircases are hardwearing

Iron railings, for example, are designed to last a lifetime. Once they have been expertly installed, they will be unlikely to suffer damage or need replacing. Wooden balustrades may seem like a more simple and possibly cheaper option but wood requires more looking after and doesn’t have the durability of wrought iron. Your staircase takes a lot of use and it makes sense to fabricate it from lasting material.

3. Metal staircases exude craftsmanship

Modern working methods mean that wrought iron staircases can be shaped to enhance any home, but there is still a large amount of skill and craftsmanship required to fabricate wrought iron to suit both aesthetic and practical home requirements. If you choose iron handrails, for example, modern craftsmen can use their skill to fabricate intricate shapes and make the most of available space.

iron handrails

4. Metal railings suit any type of property

Although wrought iron staircases have their roots in tradition, their use goes far beyond period properties. For example, for a metal staircase, wrought iron is one of the most flexible options and anything from traditional swirls and curves to modern geometrics is possible. Thanks to today’s sophisticated manufacture processes, wrought iron railings can either be fabricated to replicate established styles such as Victorian and Art Deco or be used to add a fresh and innovative feature to your home.

5. Wrought iron staircases save space

Many of us prefer these days to live in larger, open-plan spaces that have an easy flow from living area to living area. Metal staircases can greatly reduced the amount of space taken up by your stairs; thus leaving large, additional floor areas to be incorporated into room design. Wrought iron staircases can also provide an option to extend onto another floor without losing valuable existing floor space. The great thing when you choose a metal staircase is that it is so elegant your stairs become a welcome addition to your home rather than something to hide away.

iron railings

6. Wrought iron looks great with other materials

Wrought iron staircases don’t have to be made entirely of metal. Iron and wood is a popular combination and the warmth of the tactile wood and the solidity of the crafted metal can be effective, particularly if your metal staircase is a centre point in your home.

7. Metal staircases are more affordable than you think

Because wrought iron staircases emanate such an air of elegance and sophistication, many people think that they are out of their price range. This is not necessarily true, particularly when you factor in the durability of iron handrails etc. A wrought iron staircase will cost more than a wooden one but, once it is installed, it won’t be merely a route between two floors; it will be a welcome design feature and a statement about your home. When you think about how much you might pay for bespoke furnishings or a designer kitchen, the cost of a metal staircase will almost certainly seem more affordable.

Our Blackburn and Co Ltd staircases are all custom built to suit your requirements. We believe in confident craftsmanship and are happy to combine metal with other materials. For a discussion about your metal staircase requirements and a free no-obligation quotation, get in touch with our team today to discuss your metal staircase design.

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